Monday, July 4, 2011

Keeping it together. More or less.

It's helpful to have a totem. A lifeline. Inception got one thing right. When I'm sitting there battling the Hunger, shooting off nukes in my brain, that's when I can pull out my coin and I can get over it. On one side is a feather, and on the other is a cat's eye, or a dragon's eye, or a demon's eye. A demon's eye. Probably that. When that demon eye is closed I'm safe. When it opens, I'm fucked. That feather is all that keeps me sane. The coin is my token and the feather is my totem. My lifeline. My life.

And I want to get rid of the Hunger. Maybe it'll stop me from switching bodies. Maybe it'll kill me. Or maybe I'll have broken the contract and be signed away to ten thousand years of punishment - hello, Sisyphus! How are you, Tantalus? Lookin' good, Adolf. Brosama! What's up?

Or maybe it'll give me peace, and I can go about my life lives happily.

I'm always Killjay, true. But right now I'm also a poor sap named Gary.

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