Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lessons, plural.

Number one: no more roaming. It is too expensive and doesn't keep attackers away.

Number two: proudly announce current location at all times, or at least a general area. (Boston, Massachusetts.) This will deter attackers by confirming their suspicions that you could be insanely prepared for an attack.

Number three: keep a loaded gun close and a knife even closer. This will be the best confirmation for attackers that you were prepared for an attack.

Number four: stealing ten dollars from ten people is much safer than stealing one hundred dollars from one person. Money is necessary to buy preparations for attacks, and if you're in jail you can't do that.

Number five: make sure your mind isn't being fucked with. Daily checks. Which I've done.

I'm sorry about...before. Not about my attitude. But about most of the things I said. Here, anyway. It was the Hunger. It got to me. It seriously screwed me up. But I've got it under control for now.

Anyway. Back to bitching.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lesson: learned. Now, where were we?

Hm. Yes. Yes, I see. Okay. Hey! You! Yeah, you from before. You're doing it wrong.